Volunteer And Career

Time, equipment and personnel make it possible to provide multiple services to the community including but not limited to: Extrication, Medical Response, Rescue Response, Fire Incidents, and Hazardous Material Response. Members collectively invest over 4,000 hours in training with the equipment and techniques required for these services. 


As a combination department, the Dickinson Fire Department has Full-Time firefighters,also known as Career Firefighters and Volunteer Firefighters. Both are required to have certain training and level of certification.


With Full-Time personnel available to respond off of the initial emergency page, firefighters can be on scene of an emergency quicker for initial scene size-up. Volunteer members are paged and respond first to the station and then once equipped, to the scene of the emergency.


Dickinson Unique Labor Force

The department has refined the volunteer responses in order to limit the impact on primary jobs, but continues to rely heavily on the  volunteer firefighters to ensure adequate resources and manpower are available at an incident.

Volunteers are assigned their duties quarterly. This means that throughout each month a rotation of five Alert Crews takes responsibility for the initial response.

Also, there is a nightly rotation that the volunteers are a part of to ensure an adequate 24-hour response.

If an emergency reaches the level of “General” then the entire department must respond to that incident when notified.


Mental and Physical Health

Research has shown that firefighters have a higher risk of developing certain types of cancer than the general U.S. population. The Dickinson Fire Department has brought awareness and implemented changes in the department procedures to help prevent additional risks within the apparatus and stations.

It is important to also realize the impact emergencies have on the mental well-being of emergency personnel. Firefighters and EMS providers face the risk of many behavioral health concerns such as anxiety, depression, burnout, post-traumatic stress disorder, and addiction among others.

Prevention includes education and early detection, which can be conducted through yearly physicals. It is the goal of the department to provide annual physicals to all firefighters of the Dickinson Fire Department to help ensure all of our members’ health, wellness and safety.

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